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Our Equipment

Our equipment has been carefully sourced from international, industry-leading manufacturers and optimized for mobile service.


Foot Trailer

Our 50-foot drop deck, enclosed trailer is climate controlled


Head Bottler

16-head rotary inverting bottle rinser & gravity/low vacuum filler


% Pure Nitrogen

Our on-board generator produces 99.95% pure Nitrogen


Bottles per Hour

Our equipment is rated for nominal 3000 bottles per hour

Full-Service Mobile Bottling

Our state-of-the-art equipment affords us the versatility to meet a variety of customer needs. Our full range of equipment has been optimally positioned within our 50 foot, climate-controlled trailer. Hauled by a separate truck, our drop deck trailer arrives at your site fully equipped and ready for service. All of our wine-handling equipment has been designed and assembled using strategic elevations and nitrogen injection points to push residual wine and minimize product losses.


Bottling Equipment

Fimer Monoblock Bottler

  • 16-head rotary inverting bottle rinser (choice of compressed air or purified water)
  • Prefill bottle de-aerator and nitrogen filler
  • 16-head gravity/low vacuum filler with fill level control
  • Vacuum corker (natural, synthetic or agglomerate corks) with pre-cork nitrogen sparger
  • Screw capper (standard or Stelvin Lux caps) with nitrogen fill to bottle neck and cap

Capsuling Equipment

Omar, Robino & Galandrino Capsuler

  • Automatic capsule feed and dispensing
  • Bottle neck blow-off
  • Adjustable for a broad rang of capsule sizes
  • Capable of rolling aluminum capsules or heat shrinking PVC capsules

Labeling Equipment

Eticap Rotary Labeler

  • Pressure sensitive self-adhesive labels
  • Up to 3 labels per bottle – front, back, neck (single label per spool)
  • Spool maximum outside diameter: 280mm (11”)
  • Spool core inside diameter: 76mm (3”)
  • Spool wind: No. 4 (left side off, outside peel)
  • Label spacing on Liner: 2.5 – 3.0mm (0.098 – 0.118”)
  • Front label max dimensions:
    135mm long x 200mm high (5.375 x 7.875”)
  • Back label max dimensions:
    135mm long x 200mm high (5.375 x 7.875”)
  • Neck label max dimensions:
    135mm long x 100mm high (5.375 x 3.875”)

Other Onboard Equipment

Our 50 foot, climate-controlled trailer also contains:

  • 208-volt, 3-phase, 100-amp power distribution system
  • Air Compressor & Nitrogen Generator
  • Wine Transfer Equipment
  • Wine Filtering Equipment
  • Water Purification Equipment
  • Sanitization & Quality Control Equipment
  • Laser
  • Case Taper & Case Label Printer

Please review our Specifications & Requirements document for detailed information about our requirements and capabilities.