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What We Do

We offer a full range of mobile services including wine bottling, labeling and packaging to meet a variety of winery needs while adhering to industry standards.

Our Services

Our 50 foot climate controlled bottling trailer with on-board nitrogen generation, air compression and steam generation arrives at your site fully equipped and ready for service (rated for nominal 3000 bottles per hour).

Newark Bottling Inc. also has the capability to bottle your wine at our facility in Niagara-on-the-Lake. We can pick up your product and transport it to our site, or you can have it delivered to our yard. We can also accept your glass, labels and closures when they are ready to be delivered.

Our services can be provided as a full package, or customized to fit your winery’s specific needs including:

  • Pre-bottling equipment sanitization (chemical wash & steam), bacteria testing and filter integrity testing
  • Wine transfer via variable speed lobe pump
  • Two-stage (preliminary and final) wine filtration
  • Bottle rinsing – invert with compressed air blow
  • Pre-cork Nitrogen Top-up
  • Pre-cap Nitrogen Top-up

  • Low-vacuum or gravity filling
  • Vacuum corking (natural, synthetic or agglomerate corks)
  • Screw capping (standard or Stelvin Lux caps)
  • Capsule application (PVC or aluminum polyethylene)
  • Pressure sensitive label application (front, back, neck)
  • Case sealing (taping) and case labeling